MM-web-bannerMaron Media develops and produces fantasy-action films about women with extraordinary powers and abilities.


All projects are in development, ranging from story development to scriptwriting.

Fire in the Night

The short:
Granted the ability to perceive and fight demonic forces by Tara, Buddhist goddess of compassion, heroines Suzuko and Rima venture into a house possessed by not one, but two uncooperative spirits, one of which lashes out with destructive power.

The feature:
Suzu and Rima return, racing against time to unravel the origins of frightening transformations that claim new human victims each day. Their efforts lead them to an enemy more powerful than any they’ve previously encountered, as well as to a new ally – a third recipient of the power of Tara.



Angels RunningAngels Running

The short:
A solitary unarmed girl, Casey, must use her genetically-granted ability of techno-empathy — the ability to control technology — to rescue an imprisoned research scientist. Her mission serves the broader agenda of the Angels, a shadowy extra-governmental organization working to save the human species from its own destruction.

The feature:
The Angels are revealed — four women, each with supra-normal abilities, join forces to fight an alliance of corporate powerholders who seek not only to eradicate and imprison the Angels, but to remake the global political landscape in their own image.


Melody of LifeMelody of Life

Feature length

Centuries old, yet forever young, Melody received multiple gifts of divine power at an early age: the power to walk through walls, the power to drive out the demonic, and a near-psychic empathy for human emotions and feelings. Returning to our era after a long slumber, Melody builds a team of supporters to engage an ancient evil, as old as humankind, which seeks the eradication of life itself.

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